Sep 072013

Well the job search is going well. I had an interview with MPW Industries services. They do industrial power washing, water filtering, and a bunch of other things.

I have an interview with Nationwide on Tuesday. That should be interesting.

I also got a nibble on Chemical Abstract. For a part time student programmer.

Lets hope I get something soon. Classes start next week, and in two of my classes I am already two weeks ahead haha!

Aug 172013

So yeah, I was laid off from my job. Lack of work is the cause. As a net result, I am on unemployment. I am searching for a job but I am also going to graduate with my bachelors in December.

I am currently learning C# so that I can learn Java easily which I will be learning next semester. Java and C# are similar in some regards. I have a lot to learn about classes, inheritance, and objects. I am creating an ink splat game also.

Jun 012013

So I have some good things going. Figured out a fix to a Windows 7 problem at work. Apparently, Windows 7 gives more control/ability to network interface card adapters. The only issue with this is that UDP check sum is enabled by default. Apparently if this is enabled, some of the software that was created for work, will not work because it is being blocked. I figured out how to disable this and everything is working now.

Classes are going well. The book I have for Windows Administration is huge. But that is good because it gives a lot of detailed information on how to go about doing something.

That is about it.

May 032013

I got A’s in both Technical Communication and Information Security courses. Now I am taking Information Technology Project Management and Windows Administration. I am really excited about Windows Administration. Looks like a very comprehensive course that appears to be fun. Utilizing VMWare and Windows Server 2008 as tools for the course. Project management I am less excited about but I know it is a necessary evil to have with an Information Technology major.

I have started looking for other jobs. At work I have successfully figured out compatibility issues, integrated additional software steps in programs, and developed programs to make production faster; however, the company does not offer many incentives for me to stay with them. I have started applying at companies such as Amazon, IBM, etc…. Big named companies. I want to get a job at one of them so that I will have more options available to me.

Jul 052012

This is Rock That Body by Black Eyed Peas and there is various anime scenes synced up. I, by no means made this, just loved the music and how well is syncs up with the scenes!

Would you like to replay the video?

May 262012

Unix administration is definitely interesting. Learning how to use scripts and perl scripting is fun. I may have to look up on how to do scripts at login of a system.

The CCNA/Networking course is more business and how to set up networks while consulting the customer that wants a new network installed or upgrade an existing network. I am not planning on being a consultant but will maybe manage network systems which is still important to know to be able to inform my boss whether or not a switch, router, or computer server to be upgraded.

I am learning quite a bit right now! I love it!

Apr 012012

Review of Kittle’s at Easton Mall, Ohio, On Google Plus

Below is my review:
I have to admit, walking into this store was intimidating.

My fiancee and I, when we first walked in, were greeted by a woman named Rose. She was not the salesman type(very pushy) instead she said to take our time looking around. We told her we were in here looking for a couch. She basically showed us the area where all the couches were and was very helpful but was not pushy on making a sale.

That gave a good bonus in my book.

We ended up going in there again and getting a pushy salesman who we did not like at all.

After a third time walking in the store we completed a sale. It was great purchasing a high quality couch. It took 5 weeks before we got the couch. The shipping guys weren’t up to par on quality. I expected the couch to be wrapped in plastic, but it wasn’t. This deducted one star. They rubbed a portion of the couch on the entry way which I feared was going to leave a stain, but it did not. If it did, I would’ve complained and told my fiancee not to sign the sheet that absolved them of any destruction.

This store is great, but make sure you tell them you want some sort of plastic wrapped up in the couch or furniture when delivering, they could cause stains or wear on it.

Apr 012012

So as Winter semester ends, it is ironic that I have a higher grade in Math Statistics than I do in my database course. The reason being is that my database course grade is heavily dependent on this group project I have.

Overall I am enjoying my experience I gaining knowledge in both fields. Next semester I get to deal with Unix Administration(something I believe wholeheartedly in) and advanced computer networks(specifically learning CCNA certification). I am very excited about these two courses. Can’t wait until I get to work with them.

I am thinking about changing the domain of this site. If I do, I will have to let my affiliate know so that they can adjust there site accordingly.

Anyways, that is all.

Magetech out.

Jan 082012

Okay, so classes started up for me already!

I am taking Database Management Systems or COMP281 and Statistical Concepts or Math215 at Franklin University. I can tell this will be a challenging semester.

I have messed around with databases, mostly for backing up and restoring, so we will see how much MORE info I will learn for it.

Statistical Concepts will really be challenging. It seems to involve a lot of terminology that I have never dealt with. Kind of concerns me whether or not I will get an A in the class. We will see how well I get it done though.

I am excited and finished most of the beginning assignments. Will be working on more and more on schoolwork. I have realized that this is not what people wanted, they probably wanted more tips on maintaining a home server but until I get my degree and get to where I want I will be doing school work over my server. I have been doing my weekly backing up and updating information on the server though and making sure to dust it out on occasion.

Dec 232011

Okay, so I am happy to announce, got straight A’s this fall semester: Programming(javascript), web authoring, and networking class. YAHOO! Next semester, I am only taking two classes but they are both 15 weeks long. One is mathmatical statistics and the other is databases. I am excited!